Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New website in the works

Working on a new website this Fall to share studio news, the benefits of regular bodywork, and general health and well being! In the meantime please check out and share the Little Sur Studio Facebook page at Many thanks!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Certified Fertility Massage Specialist

Excited to share I recently earned my certification as a Fertility Massage Specialist and am now offering education and support to partners on the path of conception. If you have family, friend or loved one on this path, please send them my way. Loving the work and feel blessed to help others!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A certified Nurturing the Mother pregnancy massage therapist

Happy to share I am a certified Nurturing the Mother pregnancy massage therapist offering prenatal & postpartum massage. I am also accepting new clients in need of deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Take good preventative care of yourself and receive monthly massage!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Open for business...

After a very long renovation process, little sur studio is finally open for business! If you are looking for experienced therapeutic bodywork and live in downtown Raleigh or Five Points area, the studio is just a hop, skip & jump away. I am so looking forward to autumn, the cooler temperatures and planting trees! By spring we will have a beautiful entry garden!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The adventure is about to begin...

Welcome! I have created this blog as a way for folks in the Raleigh area to hopefully find me while transitioning my therapeutic bodywork practice from commercial space to home studio. I thought it would be a fun way to share the renovation process as we slowly transform what was once a small garage into a green sanctuary.

In my tenth year of practicing therapeutic bodywork in downtown Raleigh, I have been blessed with wonderful work space and even more wonderful clients. A hand full of them have been with me since the beginning at Raleigh Therapeutic Bodywork at 1033 Oberlin Road. Then I moved to my beautiful space at Pilot Mill at 1101 Haynes Street. I was there five years and adored my room in that old mill.

In summer 2007 I had to find new work space as surrounding offices at Pilot Mill were in need of expansion. Fortunately I was quickly welcomed into Gateway Yoga at 1818 Oberlin Road. I loved being at the yoga studio but soon found the space much larger than what I needed. It just happened that a bodyworker friend offered up her room in the Ligon Building at 800 St. Mary's Street as she was about to go on temporary leave and I was wanting something smaller. So in September 2008 I moved into the Ligon Building and plan to stay here until my home studio is completed in the spring of 2010.

I am very excited about this move and the thought and love we are putting into it. I want this space to have the same tranquil openess as Pilot Mill but with a modern feel and a welcoming garden courtyard. It is truly going to be a little sanctuary for clients to feel renewed, rejuvenated & refreshed. I will of course still be practicing my fluid style of swedish, trigger point and deep tissue while slowly implementing in new studies in aromatherapy and ayurveda.

There will be more to come in the weeks and months ahead. So if you are looking for Caroline Mamoulides, NCLMBT #1415 you have found her. My new number is 919-601-0631. You can also email me at

I considered different names for my little bodywork studio to be. I considered Five Points Therapeutic Bodywork and The Body Garage and Sanctuary. But Little Sur Studio fit just right. A name honoring Big Sur, CA which is just about my favorite place on earth as you can see here...

Cheers, happiness & good health!